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16.04.2020 (👁239)

Today we want to show you the logo of our Company

Company logos play an important role in their promotion and development. The words “Mangystau Oil Refining” are written in Latin letters, which gives the mark an international level in visual perception. In the logo we clearly see the first letter “M” which means the word “Mangystau”, and it has the shape of a camel humps. The colors of the logo also carry a certain meaning.

The color scheme of the sign consists of a combination of dark blue, blue and yellow. “Dark blue” and “blue” mean “sea with waves”, “yellow” color means “camel humps”, and the shape of the logo symbolizes “drop of oil”. Why do you think that we displayed a camel in the logo? Since the camel is the main symbol of the nomads of Mangistau.

Summing up what has been said, the logo carries a deep meaning.

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