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Mangystau Oil Refining, LLP has been one of the fastest growing companies in the region throughout its existence.

At the moment, the main goal of the Company is the implementation of the project for the Modernization of the hydrocarbon processing complex, which provides an increase in processing up to 830 thousand tons / year. Currently, this project is at the stage of development of project documentation with subsequent permits and commissioning, which is planned in 2024, as well as work on the selection of equipment for processing, storage and shipment of refined products is being carried out according to the above project.

According to the previously mentioned processes of the modular complex, the Company produces the following types of petroleum products:
✔ naphtha
✔ fuel oil
✔ diesel fuel
✔ heating oil

The project will be implemented as follows:
1. Development of design and estimate documentation – 4 months;
2. Passing state expertise of the project – 2 months;
3. Performance of construction and installation works – 12 months;
4. Commissioning and reaching the design capacity – 6 months

With the commissioning of the 3rd phases of the project “Raw Hydrocarbon Processing Complex” and the construction of the facility “Modernization of the Raw Hydrocarbon Processing Complex”, the number of employees will increase from 216 to 500 positions, with the involvement of personnel from the local population, including from the city of Zhanaozen. Training and retraining program launched within the Company. Work is underway to improve the qualifications of personnel at all levels. Negotiations are underway to exchange experience with large companies. For these purposes, the Company annually allocates the necessary funds.

The development of the Company does not stop at the internal implementation of projects, for example, in May 2019, a Memorandum on mutual cooperation was signed between the akimat of Mangystau region and the Company, which provided assistance in obtaining a land plot of 7 hectares for the “Construction and operation of a technological complex for hydrotreating and hydrodeparaffinization of the diesel fraction and catalytic reforming” in order to obtain high-quality light oil products, such as AI-92 gasoline, AI-95, and diesel fuel EURO5, and the government also plans to help and provide raw materials to the plant.

We are always open

A healthy work environment is inclusive and supportive, and to maintain it the company works from day to day. Management maintains an open door policy with employees at all times.

Participation in social projects and charity events in Aktau

Every year Mangystau Oil Refining, LLP participates in socially significant projects of Aktau city. Since its inception, the Company has provided material and financial assistance to people in need. Our volunteers are willing to extend a helping hand by sacrificing time, money, and resources to help others and improve their lives by doing good.

In 2021, with the sponsorship of the Company, as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence, in Aktau have begun works to install backlit license plates on residential buildings. The first lighting was successfully realized in the 30th microdistrict of the 30th house. Also, the work performed can be seen on residential buildings located on the seashore in the 15th microdistrict from 37 houses to the 4th microdistrict.

In the beginning of 2020, our Company undertook to support the Church of the Annunciation of the Most Holly Mother of God, specifically, in the reconstruction of the main Temple and the Altar. On our own, we carried out a set of works to repair the interior of the Temple and to prepare it for art painting. Given the social importance of the facility, all norms and requirements were taken into account and respected. The complex of works included obtaining an expert opinion on the supporting structures of the building, so we dismantled the floor covering, replaced it with high quality porcelain stoneware, cleaned the walls from old layers of plaster, carried out a complete installation of the new electrical networks of the Temple, installation of a new heating system and underfloor heating system. installed a modern air conditioning and ventilation complex with climate control. The hood was implemented both in the premises of the Temple and in the Altar. The plastered and stopped walls were fully prepared for artistic painting. Only high quality materials were used in the construction process. And also the company plans not to stop and finish the facade of the Cathedral of the Most Holly Mother of God.

The Mangystau Oil Refining company is convinced that the work done to repair the Orthodox Church in our city will give a new look to the building and will delight the entire Orthodox community.

Also, with the support of Mangystau Oil Refining, LLP, in July of this year in Aktau, a pipeline was laid for drip irrigation of green spaces along the road. The length of the pipeline was 4 km. 400 meters, namely from the Kezdesu petrol station to the intersection of the 35th microdistrict. The work was successfully completed within 10 days. Thus, the irrigation system is working properly and watering of roadside plants has been carried out.

In 2022, the Company decided to green the territory of the industrial zone for the cleanliness of air and the green appearance of the environment. Thus, in April of this year, we planted 70 trees of the highest aylant species and in the near future this number is planned to be increased to 200 green plantings.

It should be noted that the plans of the Mangystau Oil Refining Company still have many social projects and charity events.

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